Dubai is one of the top tourist destinations of the world, while many nationalities are eligible for visa on entry, still there are many nationalities need a pre-issued visa to enter the country.  The need for visa services is for tourists, for employees here to get their family members to be with them, Investors to have their family with them and generally for visiting relatives.

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Dependents Visa services

Investors and employees are sponsored by their businesses and employers respectively.  They can, in turn, sponsor their family members for a residence visa in the country.  The requirements for the same are slightly different for both of them but generally, the process followed is similar to a business sponsoring an employee:

  1. Entry Permit
  2. Change Status
  3. Emirates ID
  4. Medical certificate
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Visa stamping

The requirements for residence visas and visit visas sponsored by an individual are almost the same, except that in some cases, there is a need for placing a warranty with the authorities for timely return.

Our visa services help you through the entire process with transparency in costs and get the processed completed in quick time.

Tourist Visa

Tourists and in some cases residents can have the need to get a tourist visa issued.  Tourist visa is the easiest and quickest way to get a visa to travel to the country.  Tourist visas are available for periods ranging from 14 days to 90 days.  The costs for the same also increases as per the duration.

Tourist visa are available for 14 / 30/ 60 and 90 day duration.   the popular options are 30 and 90 days as the costs are more attractive.

Documentation requirement is also very simple, passport copy and photograph of the person for whom visa is being applied for.  Care should be taken to ensure that the passport copy is a color copy and the passport size photo is meeting the criteria.

While for a tourist this is the only option, a tourist visa is also good to get your visiting friends and relatives.

We provide tourist visa for individuals and have an attractive corporate rate for tourism companies outside the country, contact us for details and service details.

Visa Change

UAE is a land of opportunity and hence, many people visit UAE to explore the opportunities available on a Tourist Visa. Once they get an opportunity, they can easily change their status from a Tourist to Employee. However, this means that the new visa would assume that the person is outside the country by default. Hence, there is a need to exit the country on the old visa and enter the country on the new visa.

The Visa laws also support changing the status of the individual on the new visa from within the country as being inside the country, without actually having to exit the country.

Still, in some cases, the person may have to extend their stay in the country to get some procedures or other aspects taken care of prior to moving on to the new Visa, or there could be a delay in the availability of the new visa.
In such cases, the person would prefer to extend the visa, however, there are restrictions on how much extension is available depending on the nature and tenure of the visa.

It is in such cases, that a need is felt for a quick exit and re-entry into the country on a new visa. This is called visa change in common parlance.

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