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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services. Accounting is a basic necessity for any business and now mandatory with the introduction of VAT.
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Setup & Backlog

When a business decides to undertake accounting and bookkeeping, they like to update the record for past period as well if records are available. This update is called backlog
VAT services

VAT Services

The need for VAT services was felt with the introduction of VAT in UAE, we provide complementary VAT services to our accounting clients to help them manage their VAT compliance requirements…..

Payroll Services

Payroll services are very important to get right in any part of the world. The labor laws of the country have a direct impact on ability to continue doing business if payroll is not managed as per the law of the land. We help you be compliant at all times with our Payroll Services.

Bookkeeping services

Affordable rates

We believe in long-term professional relationships with our clients, hence make an effort to ensure that the rates for our services are kept as low as possible and quality and professionalism of delivery as high as possible.


Our customer portfolio spans across multiple industry, sector and ownership structure. We enter into a contract with our customers clearly spelling out our responsibilities to maintain confidentiality of information shared with us. We also ensure that our staff sign a clear non-disclosure agreement to maintain professional confidentiality standards.

Information on accounting and bookkeeping services

Accounting and bookkeeping services are basic activities. Double entry bookkeeping is a well established basis for maintaining a proper books of accounts. Since the evolution of programming language and databases, accounting systems are one of the starting blocks. Further, with cloud services coming into play, cloud based accounting systems have grown by leaps and bounds. Bookkeeping and accounting systems see adoption when taxes are introduced in the economy. This is because till taxation becomes mandatory, there is no mandated need to maintain proper books of accounts, only tracking the cash flows is good enough for the business to manage its finances. Accounting refers to managing the finances in a structured manner, bookkeeping refers to recording the transactions in line with established accounting principles. Maintaining proper books of accounts ensures that transaction records are checked to ensure compliance to laws applicable, recording with accuracy helps manage the tax responsibilities adequately by tracking the tax accounts and generating requisite information for return submissions.

What to expect from an accounting and bookkeeping services firm

Accounting and Bookkeeping firms are expected to be staffed by qualified accountants. Further, experience of the personnel is also critical as a professional firm is expected to support businesses in multiple Industries and sectors, the accounting process needs to be customized to meet the industry and sector specific requirements.
With the global nature of business and requirements for local compliance makes it ideal to automate compliance controls to avoid exposure to regulatory violations and related penalties. Further, with the multiplicity of systems available, some of them even free to use, it makes all the more sense to use an accounting system. Accounting and Bookkeeping firms are expected to be well versed with most of the common accounting systems available for a specific geography and also be able to help business identify an optimal system based on requirements and costs.
The accounting of transactions are required to fully comply with the tax laws in place, hence, while and accounting firm is not expected to be a tax consultancy, they are expected to be fully up-to-date with the tax laws and should be able to provide the business with inputs to achieve full compliance.


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