We offer an excellent range of other services which have been developed based on identified customer requirements and fine-tuned over a period of time based on valuable customer feed-back.   These services range from helping you identify and implement systems for your accounting and ERP requirements to customized training bundled with support for a logical duration to build confidence to manage the functions independently.  The value add we bring to your business is easy to quantify once you deal with us.

System implementation
In today’s day and the digital age we live in, even small businesses need to adopt systems to automate a majority of their processes in order to survive the competition. These systems range from accounting, CRM, social marketing, HR systems to comprehensive ERP solutions, depending on the nature and scale of their business.
We have extensive market information and experience across various industry verticals specifically for small and micro businesses of free and nominally priced systems which meet most of the business requirements out of the box.
While our specialty is implementing accounting systems, our offering under other services, extends to identification of automation requirements, recommending viable cost-effective options for automation and providing implementation support and training.
Do check out our partnerships with system vendors for information

Other Services - Training Services

We come across several companies who would like to equip themselves with the knowledge and ability to manage their own accounting. We encourage the same, by providing them with in depth training to achieve their objectives.
The training covers multiple modules such as, Accounting systems, specifically ZOHO books, as it is easy to use and fully compliant to UAE VAT.
Accounting concepts, setting up the system and accounting for transactions.
Best practices and clear inputs on VAT guidelines, as it impacts their business.
Not only is the training conducted upfront, we provide online support for one full tax period to the client, to give them confidence, to manage the activity on their own.
NRI services

NRI Services

Our Back-office in India is managed by qualified chartered accountants and a team of qualified and experienced accountants.  This gives us first hand access to provide qualify services to NRI's in the region to manage their Indian Tax liabilities and responsibilities.

Our services for NRI's cover arranging for PAN card, Providing Income Tax return filing services and support for investing in Indian tax saving instruments.

As per the law in India, Income tax is payable on income earned in India by NRI's.  This income could be by way of rentals received, interest received on NRO accounts and deposits, capital gains or dividends on investment in stocks and mutual funds in non NRE portfolio.

While in most cases, taxes are deducted at source and relevant documentation provided.   It is the responsibility of the individual to declare the income by way of a tax return filed with the Income Tax Authorities.

This becomes an issue for NRI's as firstly many are not aware of this requirement, secondly, lack of understanding of how to go about filing the tax returns prior to due dates.

Our NRI services take care of both these aspects for you at a nominal fee.