Labor department services - Work permit and Labor card

While as an investor the business sponsors the investors visa which is for a minimum of three years, any employee of the business is required to be sponsored by the employer, first get a work-permit from the labor department which entitles them to get a residence visa for a maximum duration of two years.  When an employee is to be taken on board the following process applies:

  • Apply and get quota approval, this is dependent on the size, nature and type of resources being recruited.  The number of employees a business can take on is dependent on availability of quota.
  • Inspections are undertaken to approve the quota.
  • Once approved, an offer letter (as per standard format) is to be obtained.
  • The offer letter duly signed and stamped by both the company and the proposed employee is to be submitted for pre-approval
  • Once approval for Pre-approval is received, based on the conditions required the documentation like labor contract duly signed and complied condition evidence is required to be submitted for approval along with application for labor card.
  • The labor contract can be for limited period or unlimited period.
  • Once approved a labor card is issued in electronic form.

Entry Permit and change status

Once the work-permit and labor card is available, the process to get the employee on board is initiated.  This is primarily a two part process.

These rules primarily apply to employing expatriates as different set of rules apply for employing citizens.

The first step is to apply and arrange for an entry permit, for the employee to enter the country.  This is required whether the employee is in the country or outside.  The entry permit is a visa for entering the country, and is valid for a limited period of time, within which a residence visa is required to be stamped.

Once the Entry permit is issued, then the point of whether the employee is, within the country or outside, becomes relevant.  If the employee is outside the country, they can travel to the country on the entry permit, and their status changes, on entry through immigration, from outside the country to inside the country.

However, if the employee is within the country, then a change status request is to be applied for, to change the status from outside country to inside country.

Residence visa stamping for employees

The residence visa stamping for an employee is required to be completed within a limited time from entry based on entry permit and change status.  There are three key requirements to be completed before applying for visa approval and stamping, these are:

  1. Medical certificate for visa stamping
  2. Application for Emirates Identity
  3. Health insurance certificate

Once these are arranged, then an application for Residence visa approval and stamping .  A two year visa is issued for the employee.

Other Services

There are several other services which are required by a business in relation to their staff members from time to time where our services can be most helpful.

Cancellation: When an employee leaves the work-permit and visa is required to be cancelled to avoid non-compliance to the laws in force.

Relative work permits: Employees can be hired who are on others sponsorship based on a no objection certification from the sponsor.  This requires getting a work permit and labor card for such employees

Modifications: From time to time, there may be a need to make modifications to the employee work-permit or residence visa by way of change in designation or salary or other terms and conditions.

More information on labor department requirements can be found on the official website

labor department services

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