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Dubai has always focused on building its reputation as one the top tourist destinations not only regionally but at the global tourism space.  Tourism has contributed to the phenomenal growth of this Emirate in this short span of time compared with other global tourism hotspots with which Dubai competes.

Free Sim

It is innovative approaches which leads to initiatives like this announced in the local newspapers today which reflects the in-depth working of teams tasked with building Dubai as a tourist destination.  A sim card for tourists was launched long back, which was standard for most of the tourist destinations globally.  Free talk-time and data was also part of the deal.  But giving free sim cards is setting the bar higher for tourist destinations to work on.

In this global economy, with a globally growing middle class and the experiential aspirations of the millennial generation, growing bargain hunting sites and apps.  Travel for tourism is one of the fastest growing areas.  Plus the pressures of modern day living, makes it essential for breaks to be taken and recharge the mind and body.  Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of a modern tourist destination coupled with historical back-drop.

The phenomenal growth of personal branding and building of social media profiles has not only been focused by mobile manufacturers and app builders but the end result of the this, a fantastic selfie at a tourist attraction on one’s social media profile is something that everyone is keen to have.  This is a must have.

Dubai has over the years focused on making it to the top rated tourist destination, hence, there is so much to see for a tourist.  The standard tourist schedule of Burj Khaleefa (tallest building), Desert Safari, Canal cruises, Mall visits, traditional souqs, gold souqs and choice of outlets to satiate their taste buds are all in a days work for tourists.

The rates for data and talk-time are globally varied to say the least, hence travelling to any new geography entails roaming which is significantly higher than normal rates and the cost of the same is budgeted by tourists.  Offering a free sim card with data and talk-time albeit limited is a fantastic idea.  The tourist also has the option to refill the card which significantly reduces the costs and makes the destination more attractive.

There are two service providers for mobile networks in the U.A.E.  Etisalat and Du, with Etisalat being the older player with a significantly wider coverage and infrastructure.  While Sim cards are easily available across all areas of the country, the documentation requirements and getting it processed is an additional task that tourists would have to undertake, which is what it was before the Free Sim Card offer.  This process is now redundant as you will get your Free Sim card along with your immigration clearance when you land in Dubai.

The various other updates recently issued by the Government, is a clear boost for tourism in the region, not only for individual tourist who are keen to check out the sights and sounds of Dubai, but also the focus has been brought on families touring the country.  The recent update to visa rules, wherein children below the age of 18 can travel with their parents to Dubai without a Visa is a step in this direction.

This is good news for service providers like us who offer Tourist visa arrangement services as we expect the demand for our services to be also positively impacted with initiatives like this.  You can read more about the tourist visa to U.A.E. on our previous blogpost

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