Date of Supply

Date of Supply under VAT in UAE


The introduction of VAT in the UAE has made it necessary for businesses to understand the finer points of compliance expected from them under the VAT regulatory regime.  One of the key aspects being Date of Supply, which is usually not paid sufficient attention to, by the businesses.  The priorityRead More →

uae vat made simple

VAT side-effects – Improved business processes


It has now been 7 months of tax compliance for businesses registered for VAT.  Having been in the accounting business well before the introduction of VAT, it is indeed heartening to note the subtle but definite changes in the business processes that the introduction of VAT has brought about.  TheRead More →

VAT services

Living in the new VAT environment and VAT accounting


The VAT was effectively implemented on 1st January 2018 by the United Arab Emirates Government. While consumers had apprehension on the impact of VAT on their budgets, visible in the way the bills were scrutinized in 2018 to assess the extra amounts paid, in general, the impact on budgets hasRead More →