Tax Returns and payment cycle


A majority of the small and medium businesses had their first tryst with Tax Return Filing and Payment of taxes in the month of April. The FTA had initially given varying tax periods for businesses as and when they registered for VAT, however, subsequently, they streamlined the tax periods byRead More →

VAT services

Living in the new VAT environment and VAT accounting


The VAT was effectively implemented on 1st January 2018 by the United Arab Emirates Government. While consumers had apprehension on the impact of VAT on their budgets, visible in the way the bills were scrutinized in 2018 to assess the extra amounts paid, in general, the impact on budgets hasRead More →

Entering a new era of Taxation in the region


We are now a day away from the effective date of Value Added Tax (VAT) implementation.  There is apprehension, resolve and a bit of worry among businesses to be able to fully comply with the regulations. VAT is expected to improve the business culture in this part of the worldRead More →

Business Culture in UAE

VAT – Impact on business culture in the region


The introduction of VAT is on the anvil. The registration has also commenced in both KSA and UAE. What will the impact of VAT in this erstwhile tax-free region be? By sheer numbers, the small and medium enterprises in the region form a big chunk of the overall businesses, theseRead More →

FTA opens registration for Excise Duty


Excise Duty is applicable in UAE from 1st October 2017 as notified by FTA.  The papers over the past few days are advertising the opening of registration for businesses which will be covered under the Excise law.  The E-services section of the FTA portal is now available. The current coverageRead More →


The UAE VAT law is here. Are you ready for it?


Planned and swift action is being undertaken to ensure the timely roll-out of VAT in U.A.E. President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 for Value-Added Tax. This is an important law for the country and paves the way forRead More →

Accounting – A key success factor?


Accounting is indeed a key success factor for any business endeavor.  Let us consider the benefits of having a proper accounting set up for any business, this will make it clear that it is not only a KSF but also an integral part of any business. Capital deployed – In mostRead More →

Business readiness for VAT

Business readiness for VAT


Overture is an accounting and bookkeeping business interacts closely with its primary customer base of small and medium business enterprises apart from start-ups. Almost all these businesses are very clear that they will be directly impacted by VAT, as and when implemented. Further discussions with these business owners are veryRead More →


The VAT in GCC key points


Value Added Tax (VAT) – GCC implementation what we know so far based on news and Government notifications. GCC VAT framework agreement in place.  – Ernst & Young news alert click here The Key takeaways on what to expect based on information available: Disclaimer – these are expectations based on information available andRead More →

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Will VAT increase the cost of doing business?


Any tax has the effect of increasing the overall price that the end consumer pays, hence, it is expected that even with all things remaining same, the prices would increase to the extent of VAT applied. Coming to the GCC region the impending introduction of VAT will have the sameRead More →