Our partnership with Accounting system providers

Accounting systems – our basic tools

We as an accounting firm in Dubai are well placed to understand and have hands on experience with multiple accounting systems available in the market place.   At times the choice is reflective of the retail landscape of the region where multiplicity of options is a primary feature, be it electronics, cuisine or fashion.

Our clients over the years have been using various systems, plus given our basic understanding of accounting fundamentals makes it easy for us to gain proficiency in most of the good accounting systems.  This is reflected in our affiliations, partnerships with some of the best cost-effective systems available in the market.  This helps us provide customization as well as set up services which reduces the turn-around-time, cost of implementation and system redundancy issues in the long run.

We can support in system identification, given your specific business setup and scale of operations, system implementation, customization, cost reduction and of course managing your accounting in any of these systems.

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zoho books

ZOHO books - Authorized Reseller

We are authorized re sellers for ZOHO in the region. FTA has notified ZOHO books as compliant to U.A.E. VAT requirements. This is a cloud based system, hence fits well with our most popular offsite accounting service model.

  • Certified by Tax Authorities for UAE and KSA as VAT compliant software.
  • Fully customized for UAE VAT
  • Automatically generate Tax Returns and FTA Tax Audit Reports at the press of a button
  • UAE VAT Law Compliant Tax Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes
  • Scope for online payment portal integration.
  • Subscription based
  • Try out the software with a free trial​.


WaveApps - PRO network

WaveApps is a free cloud based accounting system with basic accounting functionality.

  • Basic cloud-based accounting system
  • Limited support for Payroll and Inventory in this part of the world
  • VAT compliant but not certified for UAE
  • Ideal for start-ups and small businesses, not registered for VAT.
  • All aspects of accounting covered including maintaining transaction linked electronic records
  • All data can be exported for further analysis or migration to other systems.
  • Free to use.


XERO - Certified Advisor

We are also trained and certified by XERO and listed on their website as accountants available to manage your accounts on XERO in this region.

  • Fully functional accounting system
  • Comprehensive support for Payroll and inventory
  • VAT Compliant but not certified for UAE
  • No support for Arabic
  • Reports available to support the creation of Tax Returns for submission to FTA
  • Subscription based, the scope for lower subscription costs if subscribed through Overture.
  • Try out the software with a free trial

Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9

Tally is a well established and one of the most widely used accounting software from India.  We provide both onsite and offsite accounting on Tally ERP9

  • Certified by Tax Authorities for UAE and KSA as VAT compliant software
  • Fully customized for UAE VAT
  • Automatically generate Tax Returns and FTA Tax Audit Reports at the press of a button
  • UAE VAT Law Compliant Tax Invoices, Credit and Debit Notes
  • Non-Cloud Based accounting system. Hence access to accounting records not available to the client online.
  • Need to request accountant for specific Financial Statements as available on Tally ERP 9.

MANAGER . IO - Listed Accountant

Manager.IO is another comprehensive accounting platform which is completely free.  They also have customization for U.A.E. VAT.  They system requires the user to be well versed with accounting principles to make the most of system.

  • Desktop based version free for life
  • Scope to access from multiple locations by using cloud storage
  • Highly customizable across all areas of the system.  This includes invoices, receipts, statements and all reports.
  • Scope to maintain records of multiple companies in one instance
  • VAT compliant but not certified for U.A.E.
  • Provides a localisation patch to meet VAT requirements
  • Active Forum

Reach accountant

Reach Accountant - Reseller

Reach Accountant and ERP provide comprehensive support for managing the CRM, Inventory, Invoicing, Tax Management and Accounting activities of a business.  It is already pre-configured for most of the Industry specific requirements and also provide extensive customization support.

  • Cloud Based as well as locally hosted
  • Industry customized out of the box
  • Excellent customization support
  • VAT compliant
  • Inventory management
  • Payroll management
  • Multiple business and location management
  • Website tracking
  • Comprehensive CRM

Alignbooks - Sales Partner

A modular accounting and ERP system to meet requirements of businesses of all sizes and industry.  Excellent support infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive Accounting
  • Sales and Purchase management
  • VAT compliant
  • Inventory & Asset tracking
  • CRM
  • Payroll & Project Management
  • Multi-currency & Multi Language
  • Multiple Branches / locations
  • Configurable Approval process
  • Order and Sales Management
  • Notification engine
  • Multi-User with configurable roles and access rights