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Introducing Businessmen Services

We are pleased to introduce Businessmen Services as part of suite of services more commonly known as PRO services from our Dubai mainland office.

This helps us to expand our portfolio of services from accounting services and vat services to the full suite of PRO services, this helps us to strengthen our customer relationship as the customers get more of their required services in this part of the world from one trusted supplier.  We have established our customer service credentials based on our consistent quality service delivery to our client base over the past 2 years, this inspires us to venture into new areas.

Our new service portfolio helps us to offer the customers the following key services:

  1. Business Advisory services: As a new investor in the region, there are clear government guidelines online available and there are here say and network information which at times makes it confusing or creates wrong perceptions.  For e.g. with free-zones offering 100 % ownership, it is usually believed that you cannot have a 100 % expat owned business in the mainland, this is far from the truth.  We help you understand the various options available, the cost implications, the pros and cons for you to make an informed decision.  This is absolutely free as we care about your dreams.
  2. Business setup services: Once you have decided on the way forward, we will hand-hold you and take you through the process of setting up your business in UAE in a legal and complete manner.  You interact with us and we interact with the government authorities on your behalf to get what you want within the regulatory framework in good time and lowest possible costs.
  3. Immigration and Labor services: While ease of doing business is high in this region, the regulatory framework is also comprehensive at the same time investor friendly.  Still, for a new business or for that matter existing business regular interaction with department of economy, immigration departments and labor departments are but natural be it for shifting offices, hiring staff or to cancel the visa for an ex-staff.  We have a dedicated Amer Center to support the timely delivery of these services and most attractive rates.
  4. Investor/individuals visa services: We undertake to process for dependents visas for all categories of sponsors including investors and employed individuals.
  5. Document attestation: Given the regulatory requirements, documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and education certificates are required to be subjected to an attestation process prior to the same being acceptable for visa purposes.  We provide these services in the shortest possible turn around time at better than market rates
  6. Tourist Visa services: This being a high tourist destination, there is a constant need for tourist visas or visit visa. We provide 14 / 30 /90-day single / multiple entry tourist visas with minimal documentation and one-day service delivery.

As we grow this service proposition we will be adding more posts highlighting the various regulatory requirements for key regulatory compliance by individuals/companies in this part of the world, so keep visiting the website or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept posted on updates.

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